Our Values


Our team is naturally curious, but we also strive to maintain a culture of constant learning. We actively include customers, marketers, and company leaders into our product feedback loop to learn about the features needed most to solve the biggest social media challenges.


In order to truly embrace empathy, it requires listening, humility, and openness. It’s why our team is actively attentive to employees and customers' insights and opinions. That way we ensure we are building the best company and product possible.


At SocialHP, we prioritize a true business of helpfulness. What does that mean? Well, it’s simple really. If an employee or customer asks for help, we ensure as a team to provide the direct support and attention as needed until it is resolved.

Product Approach

Make It Easy

We want to ensure that SocialHP makes it easy for your whole team to succeed on social media - not just the people who live and breathe it.

Remove the Friction

We embrace a "never-log-in" and a "no software to learn" philosophy. What does that mean? We bring all of the benefits of social media to your company - without needing intensive training, onboarding and implementation.

Executive Attention

Your executives need to be active on social media today to help drive their organisation forward. SocialHP also focuses on helping protect and promoting your executive team with unprecedented support tools.

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Meet the Founders and Leaders

Alen Bubich


Alen is a serial entrepreneur and a tech professional with a strong passion for marketing and social media. He has 20+ years experience in software development that he gained through working at amazing organizations like Ogilvy, Scotia Bank, Webkinz, and National Post. He has been pivotal in the direction of SHP's marketing technology and development since launch in 2011.

Brad Dickinson


Brad has deep experience in sales and guiding GTM strategy for various technology and VC backed software startups. He spent 8 years at Cisco Systems, where he created and managed the first fully virtual sales team in the tech company's history. Outside of leading the revenue team, he is currently the board member of numerous organizations in fintech, hedge funds, and NGOs.

Marie Arevalo

Head of Client Success

Marie leads our Customer Success team with over 25 years of experience, honed at industry leaders like Beacon Media Group and Trimark Investments. With a proven track record in cultivating strong customer relations and devising effective strategies, Marie brings invaluable insight into our customers' needs.

Shane Iseminger

Chief Technology Officer

With more than 25 years' experience in web development and software engineering, Shane Iseminger brings a deep understanding of frontend and backend web application development to SocialHP, where he leads the implementation and growth of the product's technology platform.


We Have Some Amazing Customers

Since 2011, we've been working with innovative and creative teams at organizations around the world. Over 32,000 different employees have shared 1.8M pieces of content from SocialHP since our launch.

  • Samsung
  • Lonza
  • Rheem
  • NCR
  • Fleetcor

And They Love What We've Built

Without our amazing customers wanting to elevate their social media efforts, SocialHP would not be here today. It's why we focus on the quality of our support and implement features that customers request and actually want to use.


Come Work With Us


Currently, we do not have any open roles available right now. But check back soon as our team is growing and we are always on the lookout for talented individuals.

Alternatively, you can also submit a general inquiry and we'll keep your information on file. Reach out to info@socialhp.com with your resume and your interest in working at SocialHP.

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Interested in partnering with SocialHP or have ideas on how we can work together and grow?

We welcome these conversations that can elevate experiences for current and future customers. Let's connect and set up some time to chat. Please email: info@socialhp.com.

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